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Friday, April 26, 2013

A Bed and Breakfast Near Estes Park

We have had somewhere in the neighborhood of 48 inches of snow this month.  We're really not sure how much, because after a while, we stopped giving a rodent's rectum how much was falling, and just wanted it to stop.

Now don't get me wrong.  I KNOW we need the moisture.  Just not all at once.  Rain in July is nice, too.

Since we couldn't ride our horses this month, I spent some time playing with the web and working on "marketing" our bed and breakfast.

As we are not actually IN Estes Park, we can't take advantage of some of the marketing tools that the city has for the local businesses. 

We are on our own.  Again, not complaining.  Nearest traffic light is almost 14 miles from here.

 A great many marketing consultants seem to believe that the social networking sites are where it's at.  So I have done some playing around with facefirst.

Now you can like us on facebook at "Allenspark Lodge B&B"!!!

To paraphrase Sally Field, "You like me, you really LIKE me!" or any one of a dozen children's books "Will you be my friend?"

It's very hard for me to do.  I mostly use faceoff to see pictures of the grandkids.

Earlier this winter, I posted a special deal from the lodge on faceplant.  "Stay one night, get the second night for 1/2 price!"

It got about 50 views in 3 months.  Hrumph.

A couple days ago in a fit of frustration at the weather this month, I posted a shot of me in my underwear in the back yard.

No, really.

I wandered by Juanita and said, "Grab a camera"

She asked, "Do I want to ask?"


So we had an impromptu photo shoot.

And as a word to the wise, if you fake zinc oxide with Liquid Paper, you will need to scrub your nose with a green "Scotch Brite" pad and alcohol to  remove it.

Almost 1500 views in 24 hours.  Sex sells.  And I can't tell you how troubled I am.

I guess if I want the REALLY big numbers, I need to get a cat...

Bill Martin, Marketing Whiz


  1. I was wondering when this would end up on the blog :)

  2. Don't encourage Bill too much; next thing, I will be standing in the corner with a camera while he tries to lure the lynx inside for a 'photo shoot' to enter in the next cat contest!

  3. Did you get any bookings?

    We use face plant all the time at work. It's a tricky bugger.

    1. We have gotten FAR more bookings from the blog than from facepaint. The blogs seem to develop new, long distance friendships. And I have loved every blogger-buddy that has come to our door.

      Facelift, well that's a funny picture/article/joke, but I didn't learn much about YOU from it.

      I guess I just don't take it very seriously (can you tell?).


  4. LOL. I hear ya! I don't know what to tell you about marketing these days. It's a crapshoot. Nothing is working at this end either. And I'm not getting out there naked. I'm too fat. And old. Juanita might be onto something with the cat contest. Your marketing red long underwear...maybe you want to contact the company for an ad campaign. LOL


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