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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


(Yesterday) Call to daughter GunDiva:  "So, while I'm in town today, do you suppose you could wrap my leg for me?"  (She spent many of her younger years as an athletic trainer, so this is a specialty of hers.)

GD:  "What did you DO???!"

Me:  "Well, I was sort of showing a guest a special side lunge, and my foot landed on the edge of a rug - which slid out from under me.  I just pulled a muscle; I think it would feel better wrapped."

GD: (Later, as she is inspecting my right thigh)  "Explain to me again just what you did."  So I proceed to show her.  "So, you did the second-base stretch!"

Me:  "Yep, that would be it, but I'm not quite as young as when I used that stretch."

GD:  "Have you called your doctor?"

Me:  "No.  It's just a pulled muscle."

GD:  "How do you know?"

Me:  "Well, everything still moves in the right direction; it all works, I just have no ...."

GD:  "strength in that leg, right?"

Me:  "Yeah. - and I have a knot on my knee from where it hit the floor."

GD:  "Have you called your surgeon?"

Me:  "No.  Why?"

GD:  "You could have messed up your hip ...."

Me:  "Nope.  It still works."

 I sort of forgot to mention I showed up using my cane heavily again.  She graciously did a beautiful wrap on my leg and gave me many warnings about calling my surgeon if the leg didn't feel better in a day or two.  I did my normal town stuff, gimping about with my cane and gobbling my ginger root, which I use as an anti-inflammatory instead of Ibuprofen.

Fast forward to today.

Compass (at the Livery):  "Juanita, can you come help me out for about 20 minutes?  I have a big ride going out and could use an extra hand getting people mounted."

Me:  "Sure, be right there."

We get all 15 kids on horses and just as they are leaving the yard with two wranglers, she gets a call from her vet, saying he is on his way up.  Now she can't go out with the ride...

Compass:  "Can you go out with this ride?  I have to stay and wait for my vet.  It's only an hour; take my horse."

Right.  My leg is wrapped and I don't even know if I can throw it over a horse; it was a fairly major sprain...and her horse is BIG.

Me:  "I'll go it I can get on, OK"  Amazingly, it was pretty easy to get on the horse and felt quite good, so off I went on a ride that turned into a 1 1/2 hour ride.  I even managed to get off and help with a cinch check half way through the ride.  It was a big help that I know where all the embankments are to make it easier to mount and dismount a tall critter!  (I did learn that her horse has a much rougher trot than either of mine.)

I had just gotten home, when the phone rang.

GD:  "Hi Mom.  How's the leg?"

Me:  "Great.  You do a great wrap.  Just got back from an hour and half ride."

GD:  (Silence, then..)  "What?!  Are you trying to mess up your body before your clinic?"

Me:  "Hey.  No cane; no limp; the ride felt good."  She's still a really good trainer!!!

And yes, Bill and I both get to go to a clinic in a week.  It's a beginner's Cowboy Mounted Shooting clinic, and it's the first time we get to go do something like this together.  I am mega-excited!!!  We will be taking my two grays, so they can learn how to handle all the sights and sounds involved in this type of sport.  So, I was a little worried when I injured myself, that I wouldn't be able to ride for the clinic.  I guess that's why I hopped on the horse today; it was a good test.

Bionic Cowgirl


  1. Hope your leg heels quickly! It deffo was a test for you today

  2. Horse back physical therapy!

  3. So.

    Totally could have killed her for trying to lame herself up with a clinic in just over a week. She made me sound nice. I pretty much told her that I didn't want to hear it if she couldn't participate.

    In fact, I sounded a whole lot like my mother. Damn, when did the roles reverse?

  4. Oh, man! Get that leg healing! You are going to love the class! SO much fun. I'm very excited for you two! Hot tub, hot tub.

  5. HAHA GunDiva... I can totally see you giving her a hard time about the way she pretty much muscles through injury and pain. But I'm looking at her Mother's Daughter right here too :)

    I am so glad you guys have eachother. And so glad you are feeling better Bionic Cowgirl!


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