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Thursday, September 26, 2013


This is Ranger.  The horse.

In the long ago before peoples I lived with the horses.  In Nee-va-da.  That was a good place.  There were horses and no people and sun and warm and cool.  Only a little water fell from the sky on some of the days.

It was good.

The came the BIG-SCARY-NOISEY-SKY-MONSTERS that chased us into the cages and the peoples took us away.  To live in Call-a-rah-dough.

Not so good.

After some time I met Beel and he telled me many things.  Like he would tell me to not be afraid of the BIG-SCARY-NOISEY-SKY-MONSTERS.  He sayed they were "Hell-e-coppers" and he would give me some food when one went in the sky.

Food is good. So they are good.

In the before time we had water fall from the sky only on some of the days.  In the lately time we have had water fall from the sky all of the time.  All of the days.  Too much water.  Beel sayed it was "fludding".

Not good.

Some days so much water fell out of the sky that when Waneeta bringed food for eating I would only look out at her from the scarey shed.  She would have to talk very nice to me to make me come out to eat.

And when the water finally stopped falling the hell-e-coppers were ALL OVER the sky.  BIG ones.  LOUD ones.  So many of them came that Beel finally sayed "Buddy, you're gunna get fat." and he stopped bringing me food.  I was sad but not scared.

On these last days the water only falls from the sky sometimes and only a little.  The hell-e-coppers have goed away and not comed back.  The peoples are showing their teeth like mean horses but that means they are happy.  And the mud has goed away from the ground so I can roll.

Very good.

On this day we wented for a walk with the peoples and Beel telled me the fludd was over.

This is very good.  I do not like fludds.

But I like when the hell-e-coppers made food happen.

Ranger.  The horse.


  1. hey ranger this chula
    what is rain and fludd

    1. Hay Chew-la mare. Rain is not often in Air-is-zone-na where you live. It is water from the sky.

      Fludds are the dumbest thing ever.


  2. LMAO. I love Ranger stories. So glad the fludd is over.

  3. Aww Ranger, I love your stories! And I'm really glad your people are showing their teeth again. That's a good thing furry buddy.

  4. I LOVE your stories ranger. Do you know what year you were born ranger?

    1. Ranger is not so good with numbers so he asked me to help on this one. The BLM tattoo says he's a 1990 model. In our initial vet check, the vet looked at his teeth and said"Oh, he's EVERY BIT of that"...


  5. Heh Ranger, I am able to see my fave Blogs again (yours is one of them). My horse Elvis is afraid of those hell-e-coppers so I will tell him how you got brave and start giving Elvis treats when they fly over. In the meantime I'm glad to hear it is dry again and you can roll. :)


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