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Monday, October 7, 2013


I have to start off with a very belated "Happy Birthday" to my favorite honey.
Don't even bother to count the candles; he's way over six, and still under 60, it was a surprise cake from his mother-in-law and HAD to have candles to blow out.  I've already caught heck because none of the kids were invited.  It was a busy work night for all of them - so we will do something a little more official later on.  Our four-hour travel times then were making get-togethers more than a little difficult.  And ... more to the point ....

Bill and I spent the last couple of days checking out 'new and improved' travel routes.  One we heard about and tried Sunday, didn't pan out so well, but later we got a call from a neighbor saying she had heard that CO SH 119 was officially opened to the public.  That is one that goes between Nederland and Boulder, down the Boulder Creek Canyon.  Today we went that direction and found it to be a beautiful drive - and it will shorten our drive time "to town" by about half.  We actually made it from the Lodge to the intersection of highways 34 and 287 in Loveland, in one hour and 42 minutes (a one hour drive before flood); a three hour drive post flood, using the Golden/SH 6 route; and a two and half hour drive post flood using the Golden Gate Canyon (SH46) route.  So, each route opening has been an improvement for us!

We took some pictures along the way for your enjoyment - because Colorado is such a contrast of seasons - and the drive might be a little longer, but it couldn't be much prettier!!!
Let's start with a little color on the aspens along the roadway.

I love scenes like this; little farms in the high country to remind us we live away from civilization.  Yes, those white spots under the green trees are snow; remnants of our first October snowfall on the 4th.

A little more of that contrast ... fall leaves with a touch of winter snow ....

and the snows to come.  The Indian Peaks and a glimpse of the kind of pasture land our horses will roam on this winter, still above eight thousand feet.

Another shot of the Indian Peaks ...

More color as we zoomed by ...

This was just a small slide area, not big enough to warrant any road work, but look at that blue sky!

Boulder Creek Reservoir - look at how high the water is on the dam at the left.  I bet there isn't three feet of extra space before the top.

Just one of the repairs on SH 119; the road had been undercut by the water.  Those gray rocks just beyond the barrier are part of all the rip-rap that was hauled in, then the roadway was repaved and the barrier added until they could finish the shoulder - but the road opened one week ahead of schedule.  The crews working up here have been phenomenal.  Thank you CDOT.

As you travel up here between Nederland and Ward, try spotting this entry to an old mine on the side of the road.

Some of our favorite mountains a little closer to home.  We hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did.
Tomorrow, the horses get the exercise!
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. What beautiful countryside! I would love to visit Colorado one day, and I'll course I'll have to come stay at your guest house :)
    Happy Birthday Bill!

  2. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to YOU! Happy Birthday deer Beel, now go give Ranger some cake!!

  3. Happy Birthday Bill, wear your age with pride, you look great.

    Love, love, love the beauty of your drive. Wow.

  4. Gorgeous pics! I miss the mountains and you guys as well. Beel doesn't look a day over 60! Great cake! Happy birthday again, Beel!

  5. How gorgeous - makes me a bit homesick to come visit you again! So glad that repairs were timely.

    And happy belated birthday again Beel!


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