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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Haven't meant to be a lazy blogger - but things just seemed to turn hectic after the last blog.  It suddenly dawned on me the little amount of time left to get all in order for the holidays - the same stuff everyone else goes through - decorating, shopping, finishing projects, baking, (work in there somewhere), and we also added getting ready for a new baby in the family.  We are expecting our first great-grandchild in another week.  Yikes!  Did I just have to use that phrase?  Anyway, to say it has been exciting around here is not exagerating.

However, Christmas is about family and all those great get-togethers and our faith.  We had a wonderful time and we send all our love your direction. 
We had snow on the ground, but not on the roads.  It was mostly sunny and not so breezy.
 I thought I would share a couple of my favorite nativity scenes with you.  This was a gift from my favoritist hubby a few/many years back - when I was 'collecting' sets.  Yes, it is stained glass.
This one probably comes the closest to how I would have viewed the actual scene the night of the Christ child's birth.
And this one is hand made of bean bags by a very special aunt.  Each of these figurines is 8 - 10 inches tall and made of the most beautiful scraps of material and antique brooches for the kings' crowns.  These all remind me of all the love this season brings and how fortunate we all are to have almost our whole family here to enjoy....
So, from Bill and I ....
and the rest of the clan ...

Merry, merry Christmas to all our friends and neighbors !!!


  1. Merry Christmas! Your nativity scenes are beautiful. I remember as a small child my Granny had a gorgeous nativity scene, complete with barn and we used to argue over who was going to get to set it up each year.

    1. We have a rather large set that sits on the floor...and a kitten who truly believes she belongs to it. I find her sleeping among the sheep.

  2. Aw...your family is so great! Great pic of you and Bill. Love your nativity scenes. Hey..btw...who is your favorite-ist husband anyway?


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