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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weather Anomoly

I have to say - I really, really feel for the people getting hit with the cold and snow in the east and south.  I can't whine, because you all have it worse than us, even though we are getting hit worse than we have in a few years.  Don't throw things at your computer but today it is 46*, sunny, and - SNOWING - and last night we made the news because we had 81 mph winds!  It broke my favorite icicle.

This is what winds like that do for us; this is a 3 ft. drift at the front door.  We have a 6 ft. drift at the side door but I am not going there for pictures.  So Bill and I dug out the shovels and started in.  We also called the neighbor who plows for us because it is hard for guests to park when there is 2 ft. of snow in the parking lot.
This is the pile he left us; must be time to call the grandkids for sledding.  Actually, that's only one of the piles he left us.
This was the pile Bill and I made.  See my icicle hanging in front.  It had a good start on growing into the snow pile.  It's not there any more; the wind blew it down but at least we have a walkway of sorts, into the lodge - which the wind keeps blowing shut on us.

Since this was Valentine's Day weekend, we advertised a special offer of wine, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh flowers and chocolates in the rooms.

Thought I'd show you a couple of the room pictures.  We had fun with it.  I hope our guests did, too.

Happy Valentine's Day weekend to everyone.

Our guests are all out snow shoeing.

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