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Friday, June 20, 2014

Some Questions Are Better Not Asked

B-  Just look at that sky outside!  It's so clear and the sky is as blue as I've ever.... umm... Juanita, why do I see a horse's butt sticking out of the hay shed?

B-  HEY!  Jesse!  Washoe!  Ranger!  Get out the the hay!

R-  Okay Beel.  Nice sun today.

B-  How did you guys get... ?  Ahh, y'all crashed open a couple of the panels and forced your way in.  Well, you can just go back out into your corral the same way.  Out! Out! Out!

R-  Okay Beel.

B-  Look at this mess!  You've chewed holes in the tarp and spread hay all over the pen!

B-  GrumbleGrouseGrumble.

B-  So why in the world would you guys DO this?

R-  *Blink blink*

R-  Is that a trick question Beel?

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