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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Horse Vaulting

Last weekend, GunDiva honored Autobot and myself with tickets to a horse vaulting event.  Autobot's mom and I both thought that was a fancy name for trick riding - and was quite concerned about the future welfare of her oldest daughter's horse desires.  Not so.  Horse vaulting - as it was explained to us - is a combination of dance and gymnastics on top of a horse.  For this, large broad-backed horses are chosen.  For this event the four horses were a 18.3h Belgian, a 17h Belgian/Quarter horse cross, a 18.1h Percheron and for the smaller vaulters, a 13.2h. Halflinger ... and this is what they do with them ...
The horses are so patient, and some of the vaulters are so small ...
They get started pretty young.  Yes, those two little 'angels' performed some pretty cute stunts.  There were ballerinas, a bumblebee, angels, lots of flowers .... and each performed to a favorite song ... some with some amazing ballet moves.

We also had dinner included, plus a silent auction and a live auction.  GunDiva came home with two buckets of horse treats and I ended up with another, so our horses ought to really enjoy this summer.

On the home front, Reba the new lodge dog is starting to show her true colors; the personality is really coming through.
She can take the multitude of squeaky toys she inherited and turn them into a half hour concert!  She has also learned how to play 'pull' with the rope - and .... it takes a considerable amount of time to play her out fetching things!  On the good side, when she does get tired, she takes really good naps.  She also does a great job entertaining herself with the toys.  Her guest manners are coming along nicely.  She had a lot of practice this weekend with the Valentine's Day guests.  I guess we will keep her.

Bionic Cowgirl - who misses her horses terribly!

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  1. Love your post! I have never seen horse vaulters or whatever they are called. It looks scary and a head injury ready to happen. However, great entertainment I suppose and fun to watch. Love Reba. She is a doll.


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