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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Not Those Ticks

R-  Hello Beel.  Waneeta is not feeding me again on this day.

B-  Yeah Ranger, she's in Kansas at a gymnastics meet watching one of our granddaughters compete.

R-  I do not know jim-nast-ticks.  But I know can-sass.  Food grows out of the ground there.

B-  That is does, Ranger.

R-  Your face is not the same Beel.  Again.

B-  Yes Ranger, I shaved off my new beard.  Too much itching going on.

R-  You should stand next to a herd member.  Sometimes they will bite you where it itches.  

B-  Sounds like fun buddy, but, ummm, no.  I'll just keep shaving.

R-  Did you have jim-nast-ticks that made you itch?

B-  No, it was a spider.  Long story.

R-  I do not like any bugs.

B-  I know what you mean, Ranger.  That is one of the good things about the springtime two foot snow we got this week.  Fewer bugs.

R-  When Waneeta comes back from can-sass you should check her for jim-nast-ticks.

B-  You betcha.

R-  And if she stands next to you remember to bite her.


  1. LOL> You are so brilliant at the comedy, Ranger. Love, love!

  2. ha. it's nice to know that they can keep each other company while you are gone!

  3. Funny! Yes, we're all checking for gymnas-ticks this time of year!


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