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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Just a Ride - Much Needed

The outdoors were calling our names today.  After our guests left to go hiking, we headed to the horses.
This is a HAPPY face!  On one of my horses, my other one in tow, my honey on his horse, a sunny day, blue skies .....  I could go on and on.
Down our favorite trail, we spot several live deer and .... bones.
It is a dead thing Beel.
After inspecting the bones, it was determined that a deer had come to its demise, maybe by animal since it was picked absolutely clean except for some hair around a couple feet.  However, Bill did decide that someone had cut the antlers off with a saw.
My guys stood patiently by while Bill did his inspections.  We noticed a good deal of downed trees from the winter winds; most of them had been dead already and just couldn't take the wind, but what a beautiful place to ride.
I love this shot of Twin Sisters, with the blueness of the sky and the clouds building behind it.
We rode around the pond.  Washoe had a moment of goofiness when a couple of ducks took flight just as we were passing and managed to get Jesse's lead rope under his tail.  I do love my horses;  his moment of goofiness was a quick scoot to the side, then freezing in place so I could drop the rope from under his tail, while Jesse stood still until we were ready to go again.  Then off they both walked like nothing had happened.

We checked out many of the trails, deciding we should get back up there soon with shovels to prevent more runoff damage.  All in all it was a very pleasant two hours, and now - it's snowing!

Bionic Cowgirl


  1. what a beautiful trail but I can't believe that you have snow! It was in the high 70's low 80's here yesterday!

  2. I had a big smile this week too riding my Buddy Boo. Glad you guys got a ride in and sorry about all the snow. My Eric the Bold and his wife Jo are down in Durango trying out a job opportunity on a ranch and said the weather has had some dramatic changes.... Beautiful skies them bam the wind was 45 miles an hour and telephone poles fell in the road, plus rain, lightening, sleet and a wee bit of snow. New experiences for them. I think they will be back here next winter as they really don't know what it is to be cold. Lol.

  3. Aw. Bless your hearts! Yay! I love your happy face! Beautiful pics, too. It makes me home sick. I would even take another tumble in the creek for those rides!


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