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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Feats of Bravery

B-  How's my horse today?

R-  I feel good Beel.

B-  So Ranger, I see Anton the farrier made it by today and gave you an equine pedicure this morning.  How do your feet feel now?

R-  I feel good Beel.  You do not listen so good.  Ant-on is an ear-a-tating people.

B-  I'm sure you were very annoyed with him, but I just thought your feet might feel better now.  They had gotten pretty long on that soft winter pasture we had you guys on.

R-  I like the cold time place.  It has foods growing out of the ground.

B- I'm sure you do like it.  But you get fat and long of hoof there.

R-  Fat is good Beel.  It makes you safe.

B-  I'm not sure it made you feel safe the other day when the two moose showed up, while you were eating out in front of the lodge.

R-  Moose monsters are very bad and scary.

B-  Is that why you hid behind me when the two of them started crossing the road to visit with you?

R-  I have heared you tell other peoples to stand behind something so the moose monsters can not see them.

B-  Trust me, you can still be seen when you are hiding behind me.  Jerk.  I think they just thought you were a moose, too.  Til they got close enough to see you were actually just a chicken.  Bwaaak buckbuckbuck...

R-  I am a horse Beel.

B-  Buckbuck bwaaak...

R-  And you are an ear-a-tater.


  1. Moose would make me want to stand behind someone or something too Ranger! :)

  2. Lol! He sure is funny and so similar to my mustang. He will "hide" behind me too. Genetics are pretty strong.

  3. Yikes, that's a big one!! We came across a moose family in early spring, but I spotted them before the horses did so we just turned around slowly and went another way. The turning around, though, also scared the horses. Lol. They know what it means.

  4. Why does it block me from your pictures? Ugh. Are you guys naked or is Blogger having issues? And fat is good.

    1. I can see them! Blogger just doesn't like you any more...



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