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Monday, June 29, 2009

A cold, wet one

Friday I went for a ride with some of my "gals", wife Juanita, our oldest daughter, and both of our oldest grand-daughters. It was a nice sunny day when we rode out. Juanita and the younger of the grand kids riding double on Jesse, Tel on Estes, our oldest granddaughter on Washoe, with me riding drag on Ranger. We rode for nearly an hour in the nice weather, but about the time we got to the beaver ponds in the national forest, it clouded up and the wind picked up. All dismounted to put on rain coats (except me- Ranger was buggy enough just watching the "wind in the willows" that I didn't want to add to his worries until we were outa there). About 10 minutes later we stopped so I could put on my slicker. Between the time I had climbed off and the time I had remounted, the rain and hit! A good, hard, soaking rain. The next half hour we rode back in the wind and rain. The temp had dropped about 15 degrees, and the wind was whipping the rain around pretty well. We got back to the lodge cold and wet and grinning like monkeys. What a blast.


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  1. Nice of you not to comment on your daughter's idiocy trying to mount up with half an elk's spine strapped behind her saddle.


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