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Monday, July 20, 2009

July Recipe: Apple Juice

Apple Juice-

Open bottle of apple juice, pour into serving bottle. Put on table.

(Man, I wish Juanita would start posting these things, I'm running out of recipes)



  1. Juice or concentrate? I can't follow this recipe without concrete directions!

  2. "Blubber, Blubber, Boo Hoo, Sob, Sob," and other sounds of uncontrolled weeping interspersed with moans of "Sophie" "Juanita" "Larry" "that bird" "Ranger" "that guy that falls off of Ranger" "Why, Why Why?" and then back to that ceaseless annoying sobbing.

    I couldn't help notice through my tears that not one "Friend" or "Follower" thinks that your Apple Juice recipe is Funny, Interesting or Cool. The one guy that commented didn't even understand the dang recipe.

    Please, less about the horses and more about the dog. "Where is her rope?", for instance: or "Has she gone long today?".

    "Sob Sob boo hoo sniffle sob sniffle waaaaagh

  3. Daunting Terrible sounds an awful lot like Tim (not a big fan of horses, much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, has a "thing" for my dog...)

  4. Daunting Terrible sounds more like Pollyanna

  5. OK-
    The shortest blog entry shouldn't have the most comments. Just stop it. It's silly. Though,thinking about it that way, it does sort of suit the blog I guess...


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