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Monday, February 22, 2010

All Talk

  The folks we bought the lodge from years ago had told us that they spent a lot of time explaining to guests that "we are not the Holiday Inn".  Boy howdy, you're not kidding.  No phones in the rooms,  no TV in the rooms, no clocks in the rooms.  No cell service within 20 minutes of us.

View this morning from a 2nd floor room

   The lodge is our house.  It is our home.  We are usually around and willing to talk... about good restaurants nearby, today's weather, trails near us, or talk about horses.  Hoo boy, do we talk about horses.
   Horses are our passion.  We eat breakfast family style with our guests every morning (actually, they eat breakfast with US) and the topics of conversation go all over the map, sometimes complete strangers find they have a common friend, or live near each other, or just have a lot in common.  But occasionally someone will ask about our horses.  Then, conversation stops and the stories begin.  "How Ranger learned to eat treats" ... "How Jesse keeps the boys in line"... "How we got Washoe" ..."Where the horses are now".  That was a sampling of our breakfast talk last Sunday.  I try to stop occasionally and look at the faces around me to  see if anybody has started glazing over, and if they are, we will change the topic.  But unless you are actually snoring, we may not notice.
   I think our focus on horses is hard on our children, ages now 30 and up.  The annual Christmas letter is about; Ranger, Jesse, Washoe, what they are doing, how they are feeling, what they have done, what we are working on next with them, where we took them on vacation and oh yeah, "the kids are fine".  We have noticed the same thing with other "horse-people" friend's Christmas letters.
Even this web-log is full of horse pictures.  About the only picture with no horses in it (or that wasn't taken from horseback) sends you to our web-page for the lodge.  Ugh. Work. Boring.
   We have had some pretty good snows here the last week or so, so we haven't been able to get out to see the horses, and we miss them fiercely.  Hopefully we will be able to get down to see them later this week.

Oh, yeah.  And the kids are fine.


  1. It's okay. We know who your real children are. And now that mine are teenagers, I'll agree that the horses are much cheaper to house and feed. Y'all should have just had the four-leggeds...sometimes I wish I would have. (God forbid any of the grandchildren read this comment.)

  2. I try to respond to comments, but I might get killed if I do this time...


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