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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Little Town

I live in a town so small, it's a 45 minute drive to Wal-mart.  I live in a town so small, we have to run the 4th of July parade, trade places with the folks in the parade and run it again so everybody gets to see it.  I live in a town so small...

Small town living can take a while to get used to.  The last full census put Allenspark at 496 people, so the infrastructure is somewhat limited.  One horseback riding livery, one gift shop, one coffee shop, one custom furniture maker, one 5 star restaurant (!), one lodge (us), two real estate offices, two churches and three bars.  Well, the bars are part of previously listed businesses, so maybe that's counting them twice. Add the post office, community center and fire station, and you have Allenspark.

In a small town, you need to plan ahead before "goin' ta town fer supplies", and lump together ALL of your errands.  And buy extras, because the nearest "convenience" store isn't.

The weather here in Allenspark is perfect in the summer, and perfectly awful in the windter (no, spellcheck, that isn't a typo).  Starting in November, and ending in April, we can get some surprising long lasting wind storms.  Sometimes they last from November until April.  In fact, the local monthly newspaper is "The Allenspark Wind".  People will show up in town during the summer and think "Wow!  I MUST LIVE HERE!" and buy a home.  After their first winter they say "Wow!  I MUST NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!".  I suspect that has something to do why we have two real estate offices in town.

Several years ago, the winds blew down several trees onto our horse trailers (yes, there are 2 trailers under there)

As is typical with any town you get a mix of people.  Some are wonderful human beings that will help anyone at anytime for any reason.  Some would complain if you hung them with a new rope.  Most we have never met.  During the summer, the lodge is a 24/7 endeavor.  During the winter, well, remember the wind?  At 8500 feet in elevation, it can be uncomfortable standing outside chatting it up with the neighbors...

I tell our guests that the two things I love the most about my town are:  the weather and the locals.  And the two things I hate the most about my town are: the weather and the locals.

I live in a town so small, the gal at the post office smiles and says "Hi Bill! Hi Juanita!" when we pick up our mail.

I think I love living here.


  1. You must post the pictures of the wind damage to your horse trailer as proof of windter.

  2. Once in a while...a flash of brilliance.

  3. Hi Bill! Hi Juanita!

    Thanks for popping in and commenting on yesterdays post Bill. We use 1911, and THEN we call 911 so the cops can find the bullet riddled bodies. ;)

    Course, out here now, there are enough marshes and swamps around, that harbor an awful lot of gators... might could be a body like that just... vanishes with out a trace. Huh. Funny how that works huh?

    Stay warm and anchored down in your windter!


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