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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Fuzz

  Today is the first FULL day of summer.  That means for the next six months, it will be getting dark earlier each night.  Great.

   Sophie the Lodge Dog gets brushed twice a day this time of year.  Each brushing nets me a wad of hair the size of a chihuahua. I tell her I'm going to save it and knit me a GOOD dog out of it.

                                            This weeks catch

  If she isn't brushed a couple times a day, we don't get dust bunnies, we get dust walruses.  They hide under the furniture, reach out and drag small children into their lair and don't release them til the kids are gray and fuzzy.  Good thing we don't normally take kids under fourteen.

  The horses have finally locked onto their hair and aren't dropping it by the handful any more.  Wish I could figure out how they do that (I'd try to keep a little more of mine...)



  1. Bill, hmmmm...seems to me I read that first sentence somewhere else in the past day or so. A might suspicious I'd say.

    Love the photo. I have a similar one of my splab with a 2 foot diameter, six inch tall mound of hair next to her.

  2. K.- It's not plagiarism if...

    I had another shot of her by the pile, but she looked so worried, like she was in trouble.

  3. Duuuuuuuuudddddeeee....


    You had to post a picture like that? I just puked a lot a bit in my mouth. Still trying to swallow down my breakfast a second time.

    You're so out of my will.

    Wait...I don't have a will. But if I did - you'd be so out of it.

  4. GunDiva-

    Hehehehehe. I thought of you when taking the pic. Hehehehe.

  5. I have some very choice words for you, you know. But since I know the grandkids read this, I'll keep it clean...

    You're a brat!

  6. And, K, you're no better with your description of your splab.

  7. Bill, I don't see the big deal about the picture...
    sounds like there is an inside story bout GunDiva here....

    perchance there is a True Story Tuesday here?????

    Just saying...

  8. Mr. Daddy-
    Once hair is no longer attached to anything, GD wants NOTHING to to with it. NOTHING.

  9. Mr. Daddy - there was a TST about my hair issue way back when. It even included a video. You'll have to stroll through my TST archive to find it.

  10. Ahh, so there was a post from before we meet ya GD, then Bill just rubbed it in your face, and Mr. Daddy asked for the TST. And that is how he talked you into joining up this week! Got it. I think...

    (And yes, the dog does look worried even in that picture, LOL)


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