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Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st Annual High Country Rendezvous (HCR); part 1.

OK, here's a first stab at trying to explain how much fun we had; it was totally unlimited!  Mostly because the company was fantastic.  In our wildest dreams we had not thought it would work out so well, just with how well everyone got along and 'clicked'.  Right from our first meal together....
...the laughter was never-ending.  It was like everyone had known each other for years and was having a big family get-together!

Since the high-light of HCR was supposed to be the ride, I am focusing this blog on that - so let's get started.
After a lazy weekend breakfast, we headed over to the corrals at the Livery to get mounted up.
'Mom' on Timber, Rachel on Baggins, RockCrawlinChef on Gem, Bill on Ranger.
Killashandra on Rahja, me on Jesse, GunDiva on Estes.  Yes, Rahja spends a good deal of time being angry at other horses, so she is really giving Ranger the evil ear.  This is exactly why she was chosen for the ride - a good training ride.  Killashandra did a great job with her and they turned into a good pair by the end of the ride.  Thanks a bunch, K.
We start right out with a highway crossing and steep climb to the top of the first cliff.
After lining out at the top, it's a good idea to have a cinch check.  Notice Bill's technique for holding Ranger's lead rope in his mouth.
Next....  Notice 'Mom's' hands are talking all the time!  We also have some fun pics of the proper way to mount a bareback horse, but saving those for another time.
Let's try out those cinches with a little boulder climbing, on our way to the beaver ponds....
Rachel's horse was having a head-tossing festival, so Mom opted to trade her.  We had a quick switch and life got better for all parties.  We will be letting the Livery know he needs a better fitting bit.

At our first water crossing, Ranger had to demonstrate a desert Mustang's ability to drink the whole stream!
Yes, that's Rachel sitting on a horse in the middle of Rock Creek.  I don't think she ever quit giggling.  I hear her horse only knows one way over water - jump!

A good stopping place for tonight.  To be continued.....


  1. I LOVE IT!!! I had so much fun - and nobody got arrested! :)

    Yup, that Baggins was giving me a rough time with the whiplash for awhile there... but Timber made the ride so enjoyable. Well, heck, all of you made it so enjoyable!

    Yes, I was totally giggling the entire time standing there midstream. My girl is such a priss about that water!

    It was amazing... the views. I had so many moments of being clueless as to which direction to aim the camera because it was just all so stunning.

    The company was my favorite... y'all ROCK! Thank you again for hosting this - it was marvelous (and highly addicting!)

  2. Some people get to have all the fun...

  3. Too fun! Looks like a great trip. Can't wait to hear more...

  4. Very awesome! Words and pics only seem to touch the surface on the fun there. Glad it was a success.

  5. But of COURSE I love this post! And I still get a kick out of the fact that we stood in the water without trying to go airborne over it! :) You guys... make me homesick for there!


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