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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blog Blurb

Last night we only had 6 guests, so it was a one table breakfast this morning.  Time to experiment!

Juanita is calling it a  "peach/pear/cranberry crostada".  This one was made with phillo dough.
When she gets the kinks worked out of it, maybe we will post the recipe.  Tasted wonderful!

After all of the guests left, we grabbed Ranger and Jesse and went for a quick bareback ride.  It was cool, but not too bad... mid to lower 40's, but the wind was blowing pretty well, and they were concerned.  Jesse was all set to go around the block here in town, but balked a little at going up the mountain into the national forest.

I have a mustang that trusts me.  He would follow me through the fires of hell.

Ranger took one look at the snow covered parking lot at the livery, and said "No way, Beel"  I spent a couple minutes flailing ineffectually at his ribs with my heels, and finally gave it up and jumped off and led him across the parking lot.  No problem.  I remounted at the base of the hill, and rode him down to the little stream that crosses the trail.  You know, the same little stream that all of our horses drink out of, EVERY DAY, about 8 feet upstream from where we were standing.  Balking.  Not crossing the stream we have crossed maybe 500 times before.

"It has ICE Beel.  I might break through and drown!"

"Ranger, it is 8 inches wide, 3 inches deep, with a quarter inch of ice covering the edge.  You drink out of every day.  DON'T BE A MORON!"

He bent down and touched his nose to the mud.

"Nope, it ain't worth the risk Beel."

I pulled the belt out of my pants (riding in a halter and lead rope, I got no reins to "whack" him with) and tapped him with the belt (And no, I didn't hit him hard.  As a horse he's bigger than I am and as a mustang, he knows it).  Nothing.


I dismounted, led him across (and back and forth another half dozen times).  No problem.  Followed me like I was the boss.

We rode up the mountainside and got to a snowy north slope.  I stopped before Ranger could balk and make me dismount again.

We turned back and went home.

Yes, I have a horse that would follow me through the fires of hell.

"You first, Beel."



  1. As usual, your punch line had me snorting.

    Ranger is channeling Kona with that big giant raging stream that might eat him!

    So glad you guys got to ride!

  2. Lol, Beel! He'll follow you thru fire :)
    Love that crostada, that looks YUM!!!

  3. That is one problem that I have with my new Rhino!!!!

    It won't FOLLOW me any where...*snort*

    glad you guys got to go out:o) Juanita's are must be getting much better:o)

  4. Too funny! Loved the muddy nose. :) Keep us posted on the crostada - thinkin I might need a divider in my receipe box for you guys!

  5. ROFL.

    White things are scary, obviously (see: plastic bags). Therefore VAST EXPANSES of whiteness must mean VAST EXPANSES OF FANGED DEATH. You gotta be more careful, Beel.

    I am super jealous of that pie. I don't miss much in the bread world but man alive I really love phyllo. That looks so good!

  6. Yummy! That made me miss your fantastic breakfast feasts. Dang. Mine have those paranormal experiences also.

  7. You guys have a wonderful life :)
    ~ E.G.


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