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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Transporting Horses

This time of year we help a friend transport her horses to their winter location.  Between snow storms, Bill hooked up the trailer and off we went.  The ranch where the other horses are kept is about a half hour's drive up a steep, dirt road; best to do when it's NOT snowy!
Boots, the pony, was an easy catch.
Blaze, on the other hand, decided to play hard to get ... for about 30 seconds, until he found himself cornered.
So off we go to the trailer.  Wait, let me see what's in here.  OK, I'm ready.
For the first time ever, Blaze loaded himself on command.  So quickly I missed it on camera.  This is a HUGE improvement for this horse.  Having his buddy in first helped, but he used to still be tough to load.  Then he unloaded just as easily.  He's finally learning that this travel thing isn't so bad.
We're there and the horses are certainly excited.  The day is perfect to turn them loose.
OK, guys, there you go . . .
As soon as they spot the snow, it's tails in the air and off at a trot . . .
for a good roll in the snow!  They soon took off with tails in the air to join the other horses in the pastures on the other side of this gorgeous old barn.  They will be out all winter, hidden in the trees on some really nice, rich pasture.  Alas, it's too rich for our guys.  I tried to get pictures of them running out, but it was too far for the camera to catch clearly.  See ya next spring!


  1. Those are some lucky horses. Snow, shelter & pasture-- how does it get better than that? But how their parents must miss them.

  2. It's that time again already?? I remember when you were doing this last year and it doesn't seem that long ago. :/

  3. Oh...they wanted a roll in the snow first thing. Can't believe its winter already. Yikes. I think that barn is nicer than my house.

  4. That proves it. They are just 1,000 pound toddlers.

  5. I'm glad things went relatively well. It looks like they settled in nicely. Beautiful place too.

  6. That last picture is a hoot and a holler! LOVE those snow horsies!


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