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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Couple Monsters

 This morning Juanita and I went out to feed the horses, and as we walked up I realized something was wrong.  The two geldings, Ranger and Washoe were running around in a panic, and even Jesse was a little concerned.


As I walked into the corral, hoping to find the problem, Ranger was very worried, stomping, snorting and staring off at the highway.  (Jesse and Washoe saw Juanita with BOWL FOOD and lost interest in the mysterious problem that still had Ranger worried.


 Ranger, staring high into the trees  by the road, was on FULL ALERT.   Upon closer inspection, I saw a white hard hat near the top of a 50' ponderosa pine tree.


"Hi there!  I'm from the power company in Estes Park.  We're trimming trees near the power lines."

"No problem." I say.  "But I don't think I'm going to convince these horses it's not a problem..."

"Yeah," he says "they have been running and snorting pretty good."

We wandered back to the lodge, Jesse eating and Washoe and Ranger keeping watch.

"That's not the usual, Beel.  Peoples just don't climb up trees."


A couple days ago we hit an after Christmas sale.

Someone got paid to build a moose, wearing a Santa outfit, sitting in a rocking chair singing "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer".


Sadder still, I bought it.

I can't WAIT till next Christmas!

(I hope I haven't run the batteries down by then...)



  1. There's always "Christmas in July." That's only six or months from now!
    Gonna take a lot of batteries to keep that thing going!
    --Jim Paris in Ohio

  2. Beel what did Ranger and Washoe think of that contraption??? LOL

  3. Oh dear! That rocking moose got me all motion sick. I think I'll have to skip your Christmas party next year, no offense.

  4. OMG! Love the monsters and moose. LOL. Thanks for the giggle.

  5. That's one of my favorite Christmas songs! We used to play and replay that one all night!! I want one. I do have my own's a drunk santa on a rocking least he acts drunk. I had to replace the batteries this year, but he's still rocking.

    As for the monsters, I think your horses are pretty smart...people shouldn't be climbing trees...cougars climb trees!

  6. Once again, the horses had to save y'all.

    I love singing christmas chochky. I had a dancing tree I still miss.


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