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Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Official

Last night I was loading the wood stove for the night.  The stove had gone out during the day, so it took an extra couple minutes kneeling in front of it after filling it with paper and wood.  When the fire  was burning well, I stood up.

I stood up swiftly and smoothly.

Nothing hurt.

And I was surprised.

That means I must really and truly be old now.

Sigh.  Sometimes good news is bad news.



  1. I tell myself I'm actually 10 years younger than I am. (Sometimes) it works! :)

  2. I've started telling other people I'm 10 or 15 years OLDER than I really am.

    "WOW! You look GREAT!"

  3. OMGosh. I do that too. only I add only a few years.

    I love coming over here for laughs. thanks.

  4. I've quit talking to myself at all, cause I can't remember what I said two minutes ago....what does that mean???

  5. Haha. Talking to yourself is sign of craziness. When things break and pop...old. You might have both problems? LOL Just kidding.

    We are all 29 and holding!


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