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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three Down, One To Go ....

Yesterday evening, our son that moved back to Colorado from Arizona, got married.

Years ago, when I married Juanita, we let the kids choose the day's activities.  We got married at the courthouse, then went to the zoo in Denver, and then ended up going to dinner at "Casa Bonita".

Casa Bonita is an... interesting restaurant.  Strolling mariachis, skits involving outlaws, pirates and cliff-divers.  Caves, character artists, arcade games.  And what I have described as the planet's worst Mexican food.  Okay, last night the food wasn't that bad.

Yup.  That's right.  They got married IN Casa Bonita.

The bride and groom's mothers had t-shirts that said  Bride's Mom, and Groom's Mom and all of the siblings, that claimed they couldn't make it to a mid-week wedding, showed up in shirts with "Wedding Crasher" printed on the back.
 Time to head for the ceremony ...(and yes, he wore the ball and chain all evening)
Juanita in here:  Bill sort of forgot his t-shirt said 'Ring Security'.  Of course, he had the rings in his shirt pocket.  He also kept saving the marriage license from the honey spills during dinner, prior to the wedding.
 The honey bottle was trying to be 'helpful' by 'popping its top'!

 Notice the Bride's bouquet is a flashing butterfly.
 They chose to get married in front of the Puppet Theater stage; letting her daughter 'perform' the ceremony.  Colorado is a self-marriage state, so you don't need a true officiant, just lots of people signing the certificate in lots of places, so both moms got to be the witnesses.

It really was a lot of fun, which was their objective ... and I can guarantee nobody there is going to forget this wedding anytime in the near future.

Parents of the Groom


  1. Congrats Deejo and Mrs Deejo!

  2. Well, hell. You stole my post. Now what am I going to write?


  3. Congrats to everyone! Sounds like a heckuva fun time (which is exactly what a wedding should be) :D

  4. Years ago my husband and I ate there. We had an old west photo taken there and, to this day, it is one of my favorite photos. I agree the food is BAD but the place is a must-see landmark.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

  5. Wow--sounds like you had a blast! I didn't realize Colorado had that law. I like it! Congratulations!!

  6. Congratulations!!! That looks like the funnest wedding!!

  7. Thanks for all the congratulations for the couple. They've been together several years now, so we were glad to see they wanted to have a fun time. A lot of laughing took place! The last son will be getting married in June. Phew. Done.

  8. Excellent wedding! Reminds me of mine - we'd been together for four years, and we got hitched by a judge then had a party with a keg of beer and ten pounds of pulled pork bbq on the roof of our building. Those are the best kind!


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