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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our  wrangler friend, Elsa, stays with us a couple nights a week when she fills in at the livery as a day rider.  This week she wasn't needed for the second day so we commandeered her for a longer trail ride - so all three horses could get some needed exercise.

Jesse - Yah, you know a walk around the block is OK, but sometimes you just need a HIKE!

So we took off down the road towards the Allenspark Trailhead, planning a loop down towards the girl scout ranch and back up the Finch Lake Trail, a particularly tough outing - but, hey, we DID plan to picnic at one of the junctions.  We figured about 3 1/2 hours round trip, so off we headed down the road, leaving the Energizer Bunny in charge of the lodge.

Anyone recognize these stairs? (Hint:  last year's High Country Rendezvous)
Washoe, up front, leading the way.
Ranger, poking along behind.
Are you coming, Ranger?
Further along the trail we came across a group of boys from one of the local camps.
As we continued along, discussing the fact that there was usually an 'older' counselor type with these groups, we came across the rest - a group of girls - and of course, Jesse got a bit peeved with me for suggesting we should move along instead of mooching off the girls (notice the tail!)  She got more than her share of pats on the way by.  This time there was a counselor, too.
Up ahead we entered the old burn area, where there are some spectacular views - reminding us that even though there are a lot of fires around us, the area regenerates and leaves remarkable sights behind.
It's wonderful to realize that the 'new' growth from this particular fire is now taller than the trees from the old fire.
When we first started riding this area over a decade ago, these pine trees were barely knee high on our horses; now they tower over our heads - and really mess with the view!  We finally come to one of our junctions.
Ranger:  Are we there yet?  You promised a piknik!  
You're getting a rest, good buddy.  What more do you want?
Ranger:  PIKNIK!  And this does NOT look like a good spot!!!
 We had obviously made a bad decision when we chose to continue to the next junction and do the loop backwards.  We had forgotten just how downhill it was - for 1.2 miles!  Poor Ranger even had a misstep on a steep slab of rock and ended up sitting on his backside.  Think he's glad there were no cameras out at that time -but he was very glad a short time later, at the last junction, where there was lots of grass.
Washoe:  Yo!  How cum he got the good spot?
It was hot for the horses and they were glad to get a break.  While we ate, Bill got this great picture of our state flower, the Colorado Columbine.  We don't have an abundance of flowers this year, with the lack of moisture, so we were delighted to stumble onto several of these.
  The horses - and humans - were back on the trail soon, headed for home - and a shower.
He did have a shower, honest!  But a good roll in the dirt made things much better.  Look like any horse we know, Funder?
Jesse:  Like this, kid?  Sure feels good on the back!
Ranger had a good roll, too, but it's just not as impressive with his color.  Can we say it was a good day?!
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. What Beautiful photos! The country looks Spectacular! Now - that ride is on my "to do" list when I get out that way - horse & trailer in tow!

  2. Great ride and pics! So beautiful!


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