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Monday, June 4, 2012

Trail Maintenance

A few blogs ago, we had pictures of downed trees; lots of downed trees!!!  Well, yesterday we had sort of an impromptu family gathering for Nebalee's birthday - you know, the CAKE thing.  Our youngest son and his fiancee showed up early, complete with a gas powered chain saw.  Yeah!  We could finally get those trees off the trail.
The hike in - with a helper.  We had all wanted to take the horses in, but even though our horses are accustomed to this type of work, it was a busy ride day for the livery and we didn't want to take any chances having 'extra' horses tied in the area.  GunDiva's ride passed us as we were working this spot.
Clearing branches at the first site, for the major cut.
About here?
Then we hiked over to another trail, to find three dead ones that had fallen in a group.
The last two.
A job well done.  Thank you, Junior, for getting the two most used trails passable again.  In the National Forest, or the National Park, you are not allowed to move the trees; only cut a path where the trail is already established.  That's why we hadn't attached a rope and pulled them off to the side.  Besides, when you are trail riding, it's much more fun to go through this stuff than to have 'pristine' trails.
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  1. Very good. Now...I could use some help along a certain river...


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