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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Bad Couple Days

This is Ranger.  The horse.

This last few days have not been quiet and good.  Things have happened that I remember, and that is not good.  I remember them because they are different.  Different is not good.  Ever.

Some days ago, Waneeta started to feed us some new food things in our bowl-food.  I only ate one "alfalfer cube" the first time to see if I would get sick. 

I did not get sick. 

So the next day, I was ready to eat more.  Only the next day, the alfalfer cubes were WET.  So they were different again.  So I only got to eat one again.  But I was very hungry, so I ate more.

I did not get sick.

Yestersunrise, I was ready to eat them again and walked up to my bowl.  As I walked up to my bowl, the most horribliest smell crawled into my nose and hurt me.  There was poison-badness in my bowl this time.

I REFUSE to get sick.

I went over to That Mares' bowl, and took her food.  It did not have any cherry poison "glue-cos-a-mean" poured on it.

That Mare went over and took The Kids' bowl.

The Kid went over and ate the bad stuff in my bowl.  He will eat ANYTHING.  (What is a "Mikey"?)

Then, when the sun got high, Beel came over and put the rope on my head and taked me to go and "mow the yard".  That is good, and usual.  Beel sits in a chair in the grass behind the people barn and holds my head-rope, and then I eat the yard.  But when it was time to go back to the corral, Beel sayed "Let's take a short-cut, buddy" and we walked RIGHT THROUGH THE PEOPLE BARN.  I was very brave and was not scared.  Any.  Or much.  Later, Beel telled me he feeled "like a fool trying to explain to our guests why they could not bring their dog into the lodge after I had just walked a HORSE through it".  That should be easy to understand.

I NEVER bark.

Then today we went for a ride and everyone was laughing at my hair.

I thought "alfalfa" was food.
  Maybe next week will be better, and I will not have anything to say.



  1. Replies
    1. You act just the littlest bit sore, and they will try to poison you.
      Do not trust them.


  2. Oh Ranger, pics or it didn't happen :) I want to see you in the people barn!

    1. The flashy-box only blew up as I was leaving the lodge. Waneeta sayed she was afraid I would "Jump through the furniture" if it exploded when I was in the middle.

  3. See... all is good. Ranger made me laugh really hard.

  4. Ranger sounds like a relative of Big Cree's. You sneak NOTHING past big Cree. And Phebes...will eat anything.

    Thanks for making me smile. Your stories are the best. ~ E.G.

  5. Ranger... you are less work than 6-year old human boys... so I can see why they'd let you in the house and only sneak the kids in ;)

    And don't brag about not barking... Beel is crazy enough to try to teach you.


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