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Thursday, December 20, 2012


We have had a little over a foot of snow in the last couple days, and the temps have been in the single digits.


The horses are out to pasture on a mountain side about 15 miles from us, and some of the neighbors by the land worry about "unblanketed" horses, and horses not getting hay often enough.  So, we promised we would take them hay if the snow got too deep.

Yesterday, we took a couple bales of hay to the gang.  We checked them out (no new ribs showing) and "fussed" with them all a little.  Then we opened the hay bales and spread the hay out some, mostly just for show.

Not ones to turn their noses up to a free meal, the herd started eating.

I approached Ranger for one last goodby rub, holding the twine in my hand.  He caught sight of the bailing twine, pulled back and  pinned his ears and gave me a MAJOR stink-eye stare.

Jeeze.  Kick a horse in the head ONE TIME...



  1. Just had the big drop of snow over here too! Heading over to read the head kicking story now!

  2. Poor Ranger has baling twine PTSD.

  3. Ranger is waaaaay more forgiving than he ought to be - most of the time!

  4. Yeah, what Gundiva said. Twine flu. Or something.

    1. Twine flu? You should be ashamed.
      (Damn, I wish I had thought of that)


  5. HA HA HA HA Twine Flu... you guys have the best sense of humor, and your commenters always make me feel completely witless.

  6. Too slow...catch the elbow, Beel. LOL


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