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Friday, May 24, 2013

Todays Ride in Pictures

It's okay Ranger, we're not going that far.

Still no leaves on the aspen trees.

That's the old, washed out trail.



Little mountain lake.

DUCK! OWE MY GAWD A DUCK!  OH NO! IT'S A  DUCK FLYING UP From oh.  It was just a duck.

Little mountain lake, no duck.
Small stream, no duck.

Clouds in sky, no duck.

A very pleasant, and mostly duck free ride this afternoon.



  1. Rangers ears...what can I say, I love em! Looks like a very nice day for a stroll.

    I will survive the verification thingy, I am not a fan, but the spam is getting pretty bad, completely understandable that you turned it back on.

  2. Haha. Love it! I cannot believe your aspens have no leaves yet. Wow. Great pictorama. And ducks...they are scary.

  3. its those ducks - you gotta watch out for them the sneaky buggars...

    we are at 4000 ft and we are just starting to have the plum trees bud out...slow spring this year, but we finally got the moisture we needed...and could use some more...

  4. I think spring forgot us (oh yeah, it was that one warm week back in March, before winter set in again!) and we jumped right into summer. Temps went from highs in the 30's to highs in the 70's. Huh? It even fooled the trees. It is really hard to believe this is Memorial weekend; so many of the places that usually open for this weekend - aren't! And Trail Ridge Road is still under snow! I think we should try it again for next weekend.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  5. Ranger, you gots cute ears!


I had to turn verification back on. Ten "spams" an hour is making me crazy...