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Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Crafters' Special" Weekend

Well, we just finished up a "Crafters' Special" weekend; it's when we, personally,  host a weekend for crafters.  Many years ago it started out as a "consultants only" weekend, when we invited all of the Creative Memories consultants who had done retreats up here to come up for a special time just for them, so they could work on their own projects without having to tote a lot of stuff for sale and take care of other people.  It was quite a popular time until the recession took a huge bite out of everyone's travel pockets.  Then we missed a year when I had both hips replaced and I needed that particular time to learn to walk again.

After that, we started it back up as a crafter's weekend.  It's a time when Bill and I experiment with new foods to offer our groups and just get to enjoy the company of people who have become good friends over the years.  Some of these people have been coming to retreats here for 15 years; talk about loyal!

The early arrivals faced forceful winds blowing snow in their faces while they packed their stuff in - didn't bother them a bit.  Later the snow cleared but we ended up with 87 mph winds on Sat.  We were all glad to stay inside the Lodge that day.  We got to try a couple of new soups on Friday night and a whole new menu on Saturday night.  I think all the new items are 'keepers', according to the 'judges' - so we are calling it a successful weekend.

Until January 2015, stay safe and take lots of pictures!


  1. Did I read that right? 87 mph winds!? Wow. Loving our balmy California weather right now.

  2. That's a Lot of wind! Sounds like everyone was so warm, comfy & having a Great time! Perfect day - for one in January anyway! Happy New Year to you!

  3. well dang. I thought 66 mph and blowing over a 1/2 of a 1100lb round bale that was standing on its end was tough...

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun - you guys have good times over there, dont you!

  4. Would love to be crafty inside your wonderful lodge with all your great cooking. However, could I schedule my visit on a day where the wind is not going to blow over 10 mph? I'm getting spoiled out here.


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