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Friday, January 17, 2014

The PBR!!!

On Tues. a friend gave us tickets to the Pro Bull Riding competition at the National Western Stock Show.  This has become a yearly event for the four of us; it's a time when we make time to get together, as our busy schedules seem to pull us in different directions, even though we have similar likes.  So when the NWSS comes to Denver, we get food and chase bulls and horses.  This year, instead of eating out, we fixed a picnic supper - and ended up eating it in the car because of the traffic going into Denver.  We still laughed a lot and poked along in the traffic.

We had wanted to arrive earlier this year so we would have time to check out the event center before the bull riding began.  On the walk from the stadium to the event center Bill and I were asked if we wanted to look around the booths, or join them checking on the horse stalls for the upcoming draft horse events.  Duh!  Like we would choose stuff over seeing horses!

As we traipsed through the cattle barn, we saw some of the biggest Hereford bulls I have ever seen.  I heard that they now breed for flatness of back and length of leg:  equals more space for meat.  They all looked like they had just stepped out of the beauty shop; I commented that the guys must have to have lessons in how to shave the tails "just so", as they all had the same 'styling'.

Entering the next building, we saw the 'nursery'; a family of goats with two of the cutest kids; a very large sow pig with eight very hungry piglets,

 and an alpaca mama and baby.
We noticed some paint horses being warmed up in the neighboring arena, so we walked over to watch for a couple of minutes.  OMG  I almost cried; I couldn't believe how these horses were expected to move!  I am sure I will be insulting showmanship here - and I am sorry - but if I ever saw one of my horses moving like this, I would think it was in terrible pain - and that's the first thought that went through my head watching these horses.
I only saw two horses out of the whole bunch moving in a natural state.  I'm sure they wouldn't place, but they looked happy, and so did their riders.  They were just having a good time.

At that, we moved back to the stadium and the bull riding.
We saw a lot of this ...       blurry, very fast bulls ....
and a lot of this ...     'cause a good deal of the bulls wouldn't hold still in the chute long enough for the cowboy to get situated.
Mostly we saw a good deal of this ....     The bulls were ahead about 3 to 1....
However, there would be a really good ride now and then ...
This is what it looked like in still life .... when the bull decided to chase the horse...
I couldn't blame the horse for looking a tad worried.

During a break in the rounds, we saw some team penning.  If any of you have read Mark Rashid's stories about team penning - this is a prime example - of how to scatter cattle and NOT win a competition.
Yep, the winners did it moving calmly into the herd, gently sliding the calf out and getting three into the pen in 19 seconds.  Another example of how going slower is really faster.

At half time, we got a short exhibition of truly good teamwork... a six-up team of black quarter horses pulling the stagecoach and a team of Percherons on the white wagon.
After the show, we went downstairs and chatted with the owners of the Percherons.  We are constantly amazed at the traveling schedule these guys keep and still keep these horses healthy and in top shape.  Their harness and gear is kept spotless.

Sunday, we get to see them perform at Big Thunder at the Budweiser Event Center, and again the following Sunday at the NWSS for their final performance.  If ever given a chance to see them... GOOOO!
Bionic Cowgirl


  1. I don't think I'd enjoy being chased by a bull. I agree with you on about the video of the horses warming up. Not a fan of making horses move in extremely unnatural ways.

  2. Oh watching that horse "lope" makes me ill. I want my horse to be soft, but not like that and if that is what it takes to win a certain class...we will stick to riding trails and be happy.


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