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Monday, April 14, 2014

If The Trend Continues, We will Be Flossing

It's been a few days since I've blogged. 

Our horses are home and we get to spend time with them.
But I'm not blogging on that.

A couple days ago I helped build a pen for our oldest daughter's soon to arrive new horse (a mustang).
But I'm not blogging on that.

Yesterday we had about 12" of new snow, and the temp was *8F this morning.
But I'm not blogging on that.

I'm blogging on TP.

Now, I have noticed a trend lately.  Manufacturers are downsizing the packaging or product size for the stuff they sell. It is getting very hard to buy a half gallon of ice cream. It can still be done, and I make sure I don't buy the "one and a half quart" container, even if it means I don't get any ice cream.  I can not tell you how mad I was a couple years back when I realized I hadn't bought a gallon of paint. 

It was 3 5/8 quarts.


Well, we have a lodge with 13 guest rooms.  We sometimes have up to 28 guests spending the night with us.  We feed and house these nice folks, and take care of their needs.  We are the ones who buy the huge cases of eggs,  massive bundles of paper towels, and megga cases of TP at the warehouse clubs. We go through a lot of toilet paper.  A LOT of toilet paper.

This week we bought a case of TP and I noticed the box was different.  Sure enough, the rolls were now 429 sheets rather than 450 sheets.  "You jerks" I think to myself.

I install a roll in one of our holders.

Really?  Fewer squares AND a narrower roll?

Four inches wide, rather than four and a half inches wide.

I looked for wider stuff, but I can't buy it in bulk locally.  Most manufacturers seem to have gone narrower.

Tomorrow I will be looking for new TP holders for the lodge.

So to the corporate leaders that make the decisions to downsize products:  Please let me know that is what you do when you check in to my lodge to spend the night.

Your check out is 37 minutes and 18  seconds sooner than anyone else's.



  1. I also buy the mega giant packs of (good) TP. (You appear to buy the sandpaper kind that's nicer to septic tanks. Go city plumbing!) I have the opposite problem: this apartment has those half-recessed TP holders built into the wall, and the mega-giant-pack of Costco-brand TP has too many sheets per roll and it won't fit in to the holder at first. It needs to spend a day chilling out on the back of the toilet, getting a couple uses in, before it will go in the holder.
    Woe, woe is our first-world-problems.

  2. This is a very worrisome trend. 20 packs of soda instead of 24. And on it goes.


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