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Friday, April 18, 2014

Short One on the Grays

There is still a lot of snow in the high country around us up here.  And all of the northern slopes near us are still under a couple feet of snow.  But the hill side across from us is dry and beckoning us to come ride, so today we did.

The last time we went out for a short ride, I rode Ranger and towed Washoe behind as we trotted down the neighborhood dirt roads.  Ranger went into a long trot (okay, it was long for HIM) and seemed to have a wonderful day.  Today we went out without saddles, just towels to keep our jeans clean.  I don't like ponying a horse when I don't have a saddle, and it was Washoe's turn to go out with a rider, so Ranger stayed behind.  He was not pleased.  We went out for less than 45 minutes, and Ranger sang from the corral  the whole time.

Juanita was on Jesse.

 I was on Washoe.

We ran into a couple neighbors that had gone out for a short hike, and had been turned back by the deep snow on the north face of the hill.  We chatted for a couple minutes, and then continued our ride.

Quite soon, we were also turned back by the deep snow.

Meeker Peak is still VERY snow covered.

 As we rode back down into the Greater Allenspark Metropolitan Area, We could REALLY hear Ranger hollering up to us.  Kind of odd.  He usually is okay with being left alone.  May actually prefer it.

As we rode over to the corral, we were greeted by a rather pitiful horse, looking quite wounded.

We climbed off of the two grays, and turned them loose in the corral.  Ranger came up to me and looked at me balefully.

Oh yeah.  If you don't go out, you don't get a post ride treat.

Sorry buddy.  Next time.


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