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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Skeeter - First Taste of Freedom

Today we met GunDiva for one of Skeeter's lessons:  her first time in the big pen.  Beel got to halter her this time.  GunDiva wants Skeeter to understand that it is important that many different people be able to halter on her - in case of emergencies.  But of course, none of this fazes this mare.  She just fidgets a little while Bill fumbles with tying a halter - not something we do often as we use the flat web kind.  He managed to tie her mane in it and get the lead rope tangled around a front hoof.  No big deal.

Time to head outside for a short leading lesson where there is more room.  "Hey, where did the fence go?  Look at all that space?  Freedom!!!"

Well, maybe not.  "What happened?  How can I still be connected to her?   Darn!"
"What do you mean, stop it?"

"Okay, we can walk.  At least there's room to move."
Life is actually pretty good if you stay at arm's length of your lady friend.  After a few turns around the larger corral, but still staying close, it was time to head back into the smaller pen.

"Wait!  I just got out.  I don't want back in there!"
"Did somebody say Food?"
After going in, she got to go out again.  A few more times and it was a non-issue.  She is definitely a quick study.
Besides finding more food had miraculously appeared, there were toys to play with - a plastic jug filled with water - not as easily destroyed as a nice feedbag....
... and a frisbee ... or maybe it's an earring.  Doesn't look like the headstall with the one ear piece is going to be much of a problem.
Let's take some measurements; we have the weight tape right here.
"How tall am I, Mom?"  14.3 hands;  I would have guessed taller.
It wasn't any more difficult getting the tape around her middle; cinching should not be a problem.  She's right at 900 lbs - but there is sure to be some growing in the next couple of years.

Then, if you've been really good, the kid will brush you.  Maybe this life is going to be good.
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  1. I'm not super excited about God and everyone seeing my misbehaving horse (and me getting dragged), but even the best trainers around have had their turns "dirt skiing". And I'm no trainer. I'm just an owner who thought it would be fun to start her own horse, so a 10 second ski trip is to be expected. It won't happen again, though.


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