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Friday, May 23, 2014

We went out to start work on some of the flood damaged trails today

B-  We went out to start work on some of the flood damaged trails today.

R-  I went out for a picknick Beel.

B-  Juanita and I each tied a shovel to the side of our saddles, and rode out.

B-  We found a stretch of trail that had washed out in the flood.  It ran about 75 yards.

R-  I picknicked.  So did That Mare.

B-  Juanita and I dug the walls of the ditches down, and added some larger rocks to the mix so it won't wash out again right away.

B-  After an hour and a half of digging, we rode up and down that bit of trail a few times to pack it down.

R-  I am a very good pack horse.  I smash the dirt.

R-  When we leaved the picknick place where Beel and Waneeta digged in the dirt like dogs I saw them.  

R-  It was not a MooseMonster so I was not scared.
  R-  The deer thing was not scared too.  We went right near it.

R-  The deer thing only watched us.  I was not scared.

R-  There was another deer thing that was scared of me and it ran away.  I was not scared.

B-  By the time we got back home, the horses were hungry again, and required another picnic.

R-  I was not scared Beel.

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