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Friday, July 4, 2014

Fan Club

B-  So Juanita, I see you have your horses over at the hitch rail so you can clean them up for the 4th of July parade.

R-  Heeeyyyy!

B-  Jesse and Washoe are looking pretty good.

R-  Heeeyyyy!

B-  But it sounds like Ranger is DONE with being alone.

R-  Heeeeeyyyyyy!!! 

B- Say, a family is coming across from the livery across the street.  Why, yes.  We are Bill and Juanita.  Oh really?  You follow our blog?!?  How wonderful!

R- Heeeeeyyyyyyy!!!!! 

B-  So would you like to meet Ranger?  He's lonely and having a fit over there.  Maybe your grand daughter would like to give him some carrots?  How old is she, 4 or 5?  Ranger likes little kids with carrots...

B-  Hey Buddy!  TREAT!

R-  Hello Beel.

B-  These nice folks wanted to give you some carrots.  They have followed our blog for years now, and stopped by to say hi.

R-  The carrots are good.  They have good tastes.

R-  I am glad the peoples like my posts on the blog Beel. 

B-  Now hold on... what makes you think they like YOUR posts the best?

R-  I do not see you eating any carrots Beel.  They gived them to me.

B-  Ah...umm...

R-  The peoples have good tastes too.


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  1. We enjoyed meeting you and Juanita,, and your horses. Your sense of humor makes my day,, I love seeing the pictures and cartoons. Next time we are in the area,, which will be in September,, we will bring carrots and carrot cake!! Rangers ears are even more adorable in person!! Thanks for the hospitality Bill & Juanita.


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