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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sit. Stay.

This is Ranger.  The horse.

In the hot time of the year Beel and Waneeta do not take us horses for many walks.  I think they do not visit with us much because there are many people visiting them in the people barn.  That is good.  Because it is hot.

On a day some days ago Beel wented to me and sayed "Hey Buddy!  We're taking some time off and going camping!"  He was very excited.  I thinked maybe cam-ping is a scary thing.

Beel and Waneeta putted head ropes on us the horses and putted us in the rolling shed behind the stinky truck.  There was hay in the rolling shed.  That was good. The Kid had hay.  That Mare had had.  And I had hay.

We wented past the cons-truck-shun workers that were making big holes by the road and moving pipe monsters.  Beel and Waneeta talked to them and then we wented away.  In the rolling shed.  With my hay.

We drived for many times.  Then we gotted to the cam-ping place.  Beel and Waneeta put up the little fence with the biting wire and let us not be in the rolling shed anymore.

It was not good.

There was not enough grass for me.  And That Mare and The Kid were eating it.  Definitely not good.

But then Waneeta   gived me hay in the tangled rope and that was good.  She also gived hay to the other horses.  Then Beel and Waneeta gived me water.  That was good.

Then Beel and Waneeta sitted down.  Only.  They just sitted there.  They did no thing.  When the sun wented away they getted into the rolling shed for some time.  Then Beel used words of power and then he sayed "Forgot to feed the horses."  He getted out of the rolling shed and putted a brick of hay in with me.  That was good.  Then Beel wented into the rolling shed again and I think he sleeped.

The Kid and That Mare and me fighted with the hay brick for many times.   It wented everywhere on the ground when we broke it.  Very good.  We banged on the rolling shed all night so Beel and Waneeta would know where we were and not worry.  All night.

When the sun was here again Beel and Waneeta getted out of the rolling shed and sitted there.  They drinked some cough-fee.  But mostly they just sitted there.

When the sun was hot they tooked us for a walk.  We the horses walked.  Beel and Waneeta just sitted on us. I only getted a little tired.

Then we eated grass.  That was good.  Beel just sitted there.

At the not so hot time Beel and Waneeta went away. Beel sayed "We're walking to have dinner at the restaurant a half mile away with a couple friends.  Be good!"   At almost dark they getted back.  Then they sitted.  Then they wented to bed.

When the sun gotted back Beel and Waneeta woked up.  Then they sitted.  They drinked cough-fee.  Then they sitted.

Finally they getted up and putted the biting fence away and putted us the horses back into the rolling shed and we wented home.  I had hay.  That was good.

When we getted home I sawed that the holes were gone but the pipe monsters were crouching under the dirt. I will need to look at those more later.

 My peoples talked to the cons-truck-shun workers.  "Looks good!  Those culverts should last a hundred years." And "Yup, we had a very relaxing trip."

I feel very bad for Beel and Waneeta.  They could not have had a good time on this cam-ping trip.

They never eated any hay.

Ranger.  The horse.


  1. Ranger. I bet They had the best time ever because they got to just sit.

  2. Head ropes, biting wire, rolling shed--I'm starting to pick up Ranger's vocabulary. Love this: We the horses walked. Beel and Waneeta just sitted on us.

    Been there!


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