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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Seize Your Day

 This morning I went out to feed the neighbor's chickens and ducks (she had her shoulder replaced a couple days ago).

  As I was holding the gate and walking out of the chicken pen I started t

  I woke up on my knees wondering "Who?  What?  Where?"   

  I slowly stood up.  Everything was working but I was still a little confused.   I thought  "My God!  I think I've had a seizure!" 

  After I stood for a few more seconds, I understood.

  There was a hot wire strung just above  the gate.  The metal gate I was holding onto.  In the rain.  Wearing a wet ball cap.

  I had taken a 10,000 volt hit from an electric fencer through the "ouch button" on my ball cap while the rest of me was as grounded as possible.


  Have you ever been laughed at by a couple dozen chickens and ducks?




  1. WOW, glad that didn't kill you!

  2. Ouch - I remember hitting those, but nor on the head!

  3. I’ve wondered what would happen if I did that. Now I know. 😂


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