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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Approved for travel

Yeah.  I just got a phone call from the vet's wife, saying they have received the papers back from the lab already (only 2 days!) and will stick them in today's mail to us.  Even she was surprised at how fast the turn-around time was.  So everyone (horse-wise anyway) is healthy and ready to go to SD.  I hear it's snowing there.  I assured the owners that our horses were well qualified to handle snow.

I also noticed a marked improvement in Estes' eating.  She now keeps her head down and munches along at a good rate of speed.  She must have had a tooth causing pain in her mouth - because now nobody gets near her food.  I have even quit separating her from the herd at meal times; she seems to be able to handle things quite nicely on her own.  Makes me wish I had gotten the floating done earlier, but her teeth just didn't seem that bad.  Probably like us humans; the smallest cavity is sometimes the most bothersome.

Well, back to mundane lodge work.....  I want to get done so Cindy and I can take the grays for a short jog this afternoon.  Looks like it might be the last of the good weather for awhile.

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  1. Hey - you remembered to sign your name.

    Glad to see my girl's back to eating!


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