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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Signs of Winter

Winter is here in full force.  The trails we ride all summer are now snow covered and drifted in.  Our horses can plow through them, but with sub-freezing temperatures, and gale force winds all winter up here, we just don't care to ride out there so much.  So the horses are turned loose on the mountainside 15 miles from us on thousands and thousands of acres of land, playing at being wild horses again.

Finding them can be a chore at times.  They are on a huge tract of mountain land and it takes us an hour or so to walk back to their "digs" and then another 1/2 hour to find where they are at that moment (wild horses often cover 20 miles a day), so we have gotten pretty good at reading "signs".

Here are some of my favorites............




  1. I'm sure Ida posts those handy signs for you to follow. How considerate of her.

  2. Na- I found these on my own with my tracking skills, just like Davy Crocka.


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