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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Day Hiking

So...on New Year's Day you are supposed to do something that you enjoy and want to continue throughout the I hear.  Sounds good so far.  Bill's sister came up from Albuquerque for a visit with her boyfriend and, both being avid hikers, wanted him to meet our horses.  She seemed to think he had some sort of innate fear of horses and thought we could help clear the way with that, since she likes to ride with us on occasion.  We all hopped in the car and headed for the quarry, where our herd currently resides, and were delighted to find sunshine and NO wind!  We had a great hike back into the hills next to the quarry, through about six inches of new snow on top of last week's old crusty stuff.  Once we started climbing, we got onto the southern, windswept upper fields and soon spotted the herd grazing along the next ridge.

We got their attention and soon they were headed our way.  Love to watch my grays come running when called.  It's always a surprise to people with us that we can just holler and have them come.  Ranger was a little stand-offish.  We thought he was just playing "wild horse" again, but when Bill got up to him we found a new wound on his left flank.  It looked painful, but not dangerous.  We don't know if he scuffed it on one of the rock ledges or trees, got bitten by one of the others (but don't know why, they get along really well) or had a run-in with a cat.  We followed fresh mountain lion tracks up the trail to get to them.


It was fun to watch the horses mingle with Bill's sister and boyfriend - no sign of fear from him.  I think she was spoofing us.

And how about a little kiss from the Peanut (who was actually fascinated with the smell of her gum).

It was a great way to spend the first day of the year.  Happy New Year to all our blog followers.


  1. ????
    Bill, this could be your shortest post ever.

  2. Hope it wasn't a cat scratch on Ranger. I had hoped that the cat would be long gone by now. And I really, really am sad that my baby's not with your herd. Probably, though, she's just as happy down in the "fattening up" pasture as your guys are out at the quarry.

  3. I, too, wish we could go visit Estes. I miss seeing her also! Jesse has really become the "perfect lady" recently. Not sure what's going on...except maybe the fact she's the only mare to watch over 7 males!

    The cat is definitely hanging out; no doubt about the tracks. Not small,either!!! I would hate to be on the receiving end of Ranger's back hooves, though, so if it got too close, it might not be feeling so good right now. Also, Brownie stayed on ALERT the whole time we were there. He is generally not social, but this was different. He actually posted as a sentry at the top of the hill, back to us, head at attention, "on guard", so to speak.

    We will be going back out soon to check the wound site for infection and heat; probably take some penicillin and scarlet oil as a precaution. The site was recent, but not fresh, so we may just leave it alone. Mustangs have such great healing systems, we've found it best to just stay out of the way.

    Oh yeah, the post booboo was mine. I hit a "post" key by mistake; must have been a short circuit between the brain cells and the finger muscles.


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