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Sunday, August 7, 2011


We had a group of Bloggers/Horseback riders up this last weekend for our 2nd annual High Country Rendezvous (HCRII) and it was a blast.

Went on a road trip to the county fair to watch draft horse pulls, mounted cowboy (and cowgirl) shooting and all the other usual county fair stuff.

Nice long ride up to Calipso Cascades in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We were riding about 6 hours (Okay, 5 1/4 hours with an 45 minute lunch).

The youngest rider was 6 year old "W" and he didn't poop out until the last 30 minutes or so of the ride.
He rocked!

At one point we were riding along the highway to get home, and a bicycle passed us from the rear.  I hollered "BIKE" to warn the other riders, but W's horse Thunder was surprised by it's sudden and silent appearance and did a 8 foot spook.  W brought him back into line no problem.  And a couple minutes later, I heard W yell "BIKE" as another one showed up from the other direction.  The kid learned fast.

We don't normally have kids under 14 years old as guests, but special arrangements were made for this group.  It was fun having some little ones running around.  I gave an impromptu magic show for 2 year old "E" at breakfast this morning.  When a bird magically showed up under my napkin, I think his Mom laughed until tears ran down her leg.

                  Oh give me a break.  He's only two.  He didn't get it.

We had several guest/friends we had hoped could be here this year but couldn't make it due to illness in the family,  death in the family or a cranky parole officer.  We hope they can all attend next year.

We'll post more and with pictures later.

  I need a nap.



  1. That W is a born horseman! Those bikes are always a menace on the, too. Sounds (and looks) like a beautiful weekend of riding.

  2. Uh, Beel, those weren't tears running down her leg. I'm pretty sure she peed herself laughing.

  3. Gosh darn it...You guys should have reminded me...with Moon hurt and all, I could have blown over the mountain (and I wouldn't have even told my parole officer ;-). My timing is all messed up this year. :(

    So glad you guys had fun. Hopefully when things slow down this fall, Megz and I can roll over for a weekend and visit.

  4. Sheesh Beel, If I'd a known you were gonna perform the bird under the napkin trick, I'd been sure to of made it....

    just saying...

  5. ACK - we really really missed you guys this year. I am so excited to come back - do we really have to wait a whole year?!?!?!?

    And that W - terrific that he sat the spook and did so great!


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