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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks For the Memories

My mind works like lightning. One brilliant flash, and it’s gone.  Minimum information retention.  I tell our guests I have a mind like a steel sieve.

What the heck is that for?

Sometimes I envy the horse's memory recall.  They remember where every rock, log, stump and flower were on the trail when they last went down it.  Total recall.  Photographic memory.

The horse's brain developed when the were "Equis-ittibittycus" and stood about 18 inches tall.  It has served them so well  that very few changes in their reactions have occurred over the years even though their size has changed drastically.  A log rolled into a different place requires careful examination.  Might have been moved by some sort of equiniverous critter and is being used as a hiding place.  Maybe a sabre-toothed bunny rabbit or something.

Their recall is sometimes quite useful.

Last spring, during our endless winter, I was riding in the national forest with the gal that runs the livery across the street from us.  We were off trail (no way of seeing the trail, it was under several inches to several feet of snow).  We were heading home.  Ranger is all about going home, so I was slightly surprised when he veered away from the direct route home I was taking, and went 20 or 30 feet off at a tangent before returning to the direct route.  Compass's horse, that hasn't been on that hillside nearly as often, took the direct route.  He found himself floundering in a 4 foot deep snow bank that there was NO WAY of spotting from the surface.  You needed to know where the drifted over low spot was.  I didn't remember, but Ranger did.

 A couple days ago, Juanita and I went out on a ride, and right beside the trail some bark had fallen off a dead aspen tree.  Juanita's horse Jesse looked it over VERY CAREFULLY before going past.  It was just outside the horse's Coral, so I don't know if she saw a bear or elk knock the bark off the tree, or it just wasn't the way it used to look, but she was on DEFCON 3 for a moment.  She finally decided that the missing bark posed no immediate threat, and we went on for an enjoyable monster free ride.

I'm sure I had a point to make with this post, but I can't recall what it was. 

Probably was going to be really funny.



  1. Good last line. My mustang is like that with total recall. The domestics aren't as good, they really don't give a damn. They figure it is my job to protect them and if something unusual happens they jump and then blame me.

  2. Oh Beel...

    I was doing good with the covert snickering... but you nearly did me in with that last line. I mean it's 12:35 AM here, and I am busting a gut trying to laugh hysterically in total silencio. Because Mr. Daddy wouldn't appreciate that kind of wake up call.

    I love your horse. Your expressive, handsome, and brilliant horse.

    And I'm glad you trusted him.

    BTW - I'm kinda cracking up over the first comment too because that TOTALLY describes my horse, ha!

  3. They recently added some gray rock in a corner outside the round pen to reduce sand seepage. Every horse jumped around and snorted for two days until they decided it wasn't a lion.

    And all this time in the round pen I thought they were paying attention to me!

    Smokey send his regards to Ranger, btw...

  4. LMAO. I hear ya. At least I think I did. I walk 5 feet and the thoughts fall right out.


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