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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Small Town Vehicles

Here in Allenspark, you learn the local vehicles fairly quickly.  They are the ones you see over and over mixed with the tourist trade cars you only see a time or two.

We noticed this truck cruising Main Street right away.

Kinda Stands Out

Saw the truck several more times, and then parked at our neighbors, just south of the lodge.
Next time, at the fire station.

Naw, it can't be!?!

Yup.  That's our local Fire Chief's truck.

It's like, camouflage.




  1. I think the Chief may have inhaled too much smoke. I'm all about obnoxious vehicles, but that...

  2. I think it's pretty cool. It's definitely not my style, but I bet it's entertaining to see it pass by.

  3. Love it. I have a Thing for flames, the tackier the better. I want purple flames on my trailer but G keeps threatening mayhem if I do it.

  4. Now that just plain rocks. Personality plus!

  5. Now that is a BOLD statement...LOL

  6. Haha. Love it. Nothing like someone who loves their job . BTW, did I tell you my car looks like a 007 model. LOL


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