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Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Routine

Our February routine is a fairly predictable one.

Get up, let the dog out, stoke the wood burning stoves, do office chores, if we have guests- make breakfast and feed the guests, feed the horses and haul a 6 gallon water can of hot water to their water tank. Back to the inside and work on chores around the place, until it gets dark and we feed the horses again.  Watch a movie while eating dinner.  Read, stoke the fires, go to bed.

No horseback riding in that list.  Limited outdoor activity, period.  With the temperatures running from 0 to the low 30's, and the wind blowing a lot of the time, neither us nor the horses are too thrilled with the prospect of saddling up and going for a trudge.

Get up, let the dog out, stoke the wood burning stoves...

Who was the genius that decided we should add the extra day in leap year to FEBRUARY?



  1. Beel sort of forgot yesterday's outdoor activity of shoveling the snow off the portion of the lodge that has a flat roof, which tends toward ice dams and leakage. The two of us can do it in 1-2 hours, depending on depth of recent snowfall. Today, all the kids and grandkids are coming up; we have a snow mountain! My mantra? Remember the camera, remember the camera, remember ...

  2. It sounds like a good time to relax! (Except the 1-2 hours of shoveling snow off the roof). We've had a relatively snowless winter. It's very strange. I've always hated cold rain and that's been the story of the last couple of weeks. It's hard on the horses. :/ We're almost to spring though--leap year or not, so hang in there! ...and don't forget your camera!

  3. We have a Pueblo style flat roof....and we live in the mountains. It's not fun when we get a foot or more of snow. It was snowing up here in the mountains last weekend, but I was down in the Rio Grande Valley riding all weekend. In fact it's snowing right now...already 4" on the ground.

    I sure do miss summer.


  4. EEK!

    The same brilliant Leap Year person must also be the one that made all those word verifications all nutty. ARGHHHHH!


I had to turn verification back on. Ten "spams" an hour is making me crazy...