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Monday, February 27, 2012

Missed Manners

Juanita and I went out to feed the horses this morning.  Sophie the lodge dog asked if she could join us, and we let her.  She's pretty well behaved around the horses... no barking or chasing, and doesn't go into the corral.

Ranger is an old mustang, and has never been bothered by dogs.  I guess the Nevada coyotes weren't much of a nuisance to his herds in the wild. Ranger just ignores dogs.

When Jesse was just a few months old, Juanita started walking her up and down our roads, and was usually joined by neighbors walking their dogs.  Jesse thinks of dogs as her friends.

Washoe thinks dogs are an affront to all nature.  If all dogs were to disappear tomorrow, it would be a day too late for him.  Washoe HATES dogs.

As I was pouring the hot water into the horse water tank, and Juanita was getting the hay, we heard an earsplitting yelp and dog leapt back and gave me a VERY SURPRISED look.  "Did you see what he did?"

Sophie was snuffeling up the beet-pulp under Washoe's bowl, and she got grabbed by the scruff of her neck by a very annoyed horse.

She didn't get near his leftovers again.

The dog is rather like me.  I can't be taught, but I can be trained. 
There needs to be consequences.



  1. Oh Man! That's funny! Poor Sophie though. I can just picture her looking at you, looking back at Washoe, then back at you. Ouch! Again, great drawings too.

  2. Ouch! Both my dogs know who's boss with the horses. The horses will let them sniff their butts and run underneath them, but when it comes to food--they will GET HURT.


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