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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Springtime in the Rockies!

The  horses have been saying it for awhile; I have NOT been believing it as we are getting a good share of snow and lots and lots ... did I say LOTS ... of wind.  Today Jesse proved she was right - again!  As I was doling out 'bowl food' this morning, she raised her head and stared over my shoulder with the tiniest of sounds (meaning LOOK).  I turned and there was the prettiest, big bobcat staring right back at us, from in front of the neighbor's shed ... oh, 100 ft. away or so.  So we just stood and stared at each other for quite some time; it stayed even though I hollered at Bill who was filling the water tank.  A true sign of spring here in our mountain country!

When Bill saw it he commented on seeing kitty foot prints in the snow on our front porch, coming to just in front of the door, then turning and leaving.  He had thought they were too big for a normal sized cat, so considered maybe the neighbor's smaller dog, even though it was pretty obviously cat tracks.  Neither of us had thought about it being time for the spring cats to be out.  Yeah!   Warmer weather to follow!!!


  1. Too cool! Glad you don't have any small stock to worry about.

  2. Time to celebrate! I would love some warmer weather around here. Dear Lord, it's cold today!!

  3. I'm guessing that's pretty normal around there. I would be a little wary if I saw that in my area. I don't think Fred would have much of a chance. He thinks cats are his friends. It is pretty cool though.


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