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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All Set for the Hallo-day

Oh no.  Now what, Beel?

What is a hollow-ween, Beel?

What the hay?

Things look funny.

Horse Fly

I hate you.


  1. Still giggling :)

    Thanks Beel and Ranger.

    (R: between us, I totally understand that look)

  2. i am very glad that you had a good time in Misery. I live here. I am Dakota Miss Jabber, the horse. i am my mom's dream girl. I am a 30 year old appy with Opinions! I knew just what you ment about the rolling shed. somnetimes I load up in mine and sometimes is say: Not Today, thank you very much!

    some of our grass goes into these square things. mom likes those better, because she can carry those. As long as its grass...I am fine with it.

    I will keep reading your blog!


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