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Friday, July 17, 2015

Baby Sitter

This is Ranger.  The horse.

On the day before this day Beel telled me "Hey Buddy, we're going on a road trip.  Trailer tires, and then you go stay with our daughter and son in law's horses for a couple days.  You'll be baby sitting Copper while we take the mare to film an episode of  Horse Master."

I do not understand.

I went alone into the rolling shed behind the stinky truck.  The Mare and That Kid did not go with me.  That was not the usual.

We stopped at a people filled place that made scary noises like the ga-rage near my home place.  I do not like the sounds.  Beel says the sounds are air-renches and im-pact hamurs.  I do not like them.

The man tooked the black rounds off of the rolling shed.  I was not too scared.  I watched and eated hay.
The man putted the black rounds back on the shed and we wented away.

I do not understand.

Then we wented to The Girls house that had The Other Mare.  There was also another horse now.
 I showed them around their yard in case they had not noticed what was there.
I finded hay for them.
Then I telled the new guy that it was my hay because I finded it for them.  It was mine.  He could have some when I was done.  Or he could have some if I could not see him eat.
He was pretty good behaving.  I am sure I will have to tell him again later.  Horses can be not very smart.

Sometimes they do not understand.

Ranger.  The horse.


  1. Ranger!!! I bet you are an awesome horse sitter. And I'm so proud of you for not kicking the snot out of the rolling metal thing when the loud things were making noises.

    And I hear that you and the boy horse got into it over some bread and the girl took care of it for you???

  2. babysitting is important work. I'm sure that you'll do an excellent job

  3. Jesse and Washoe sure miss 'Uncle Ranger'. There was another trailer parked in front of their corral when we returned from a ride yesterday. Both horses set up quite a conversation with the horses being unloaded; they were pretty sure their Ranger was going to be ON that trailer!

  4. LMAO. Poor Ranger. Sensory overload! LOVE it!


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