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Friday, July 3, 2015

Testy Moany Al

This is Ranger.  The horse.

  Beel telled me that I was a testy moany Al for the food dirt.  I do not know what that means.  He sayed I should tell you how I feel now and how I feeled back then.

  When I gotted back from the cold-time-they-do-not-bother-us-place and wented to the hot-time-mountain-living place my legs hurted.

  A lot.
  All of the time.

  When I walked up the hill for morning food I would go very slow and I had to stop a lot. "That Mare" and "The Kid" would push me away from the food place and I was hungry.  And when Beel would take me for walks sitting on me I would go very slow because he gotted very fat over the cold time.  He even started to use a smaller back chair but he was still too fat.

  Then Waneeta started putting dirt food in with my bowl food.  On the first time I smelled it.  But I ate it because...bowl food.  It did not make me sick.  So now I eated it all of the time.

  My feel bad does not hurt any more.  Beel is not fat any more.  "That Kid" goes away when I say so now.  "That Mare" is still a mare though.

  Beel telled me to say that it is not food dirt.  It is "Natural Stride for Horses" and Waneeta buyed it from "Cavallo Horse and Rider".

  Waneeta sayed she is not going to give me food dirt any more if I do not quit kicking and biting "That Kid".

I think she do not know how badly he needs to be kicked and bitten.

Ranger the Horse


  1. LOL. Great Testy Moany Al. Glad to hear something helped your feets feel better, Ranger.

  2. Good job Ranger! Maybe I should get some of that 'testy moany Al food dirt' too so my feets would not hurt. And Ranger, keep kickin' and bitin' The Kid, sounds like he pesters you a lot!

  3. thank you for sharing Ranger. I'm glad that Beel is not fat anymore. :)

    I've realized that mares will always be mares...

  4. Those kids do need putting in their place. Glad you feel good enough to do it.


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