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Sunday, October 2, 2011


No kidding.  Three times in four rides.

Went out with daughter GunDiva for a short bareback ride on Estes and Ranger.  And fell off.  Again.

Moseying  along, camera in hand, taking pictures of the fall colors, when BAM!  Ranger did  the hard, fast spook and ended up about four feet to the side of where I was hanging in space.  I hit HARD this time.  GunDiva said I made kind of an "Eeep!"  sound when I hit the dirt.  I stood up, dusted myself off and prepared to yell at lecture Ranger about spooking at things that won't hurt him, like camera flashes and the like.  I stood there, lead rope in hand working my mouth like a goldfish, making no sound at all.  So I tried to give him the "stink-eye", but with no swearing to back it up, he just stared at me blankly.

"Bill, are you okay?"  Gundiva hollers back at me.  I replied as a guppy would, complete with fluttering hand signals.

"Ah, got the wind knocked out of you, huh?"  she responded.  "Don't worry, if you black out, you will start breathing again."

All heart, that one.

I rode home with the camera in my pocket.



  1. Lmao! I love her :)
    You, my friend, need to get some sticky britches...

  2. I think his butt-fist making skills are getting rusty :)

    I told him that if he couldn't stay on his horse, we were going to put him back in training wheels (a saddle).

  3. Oh my gosh that's funny! I love the hanging in the air part, and the... Oh, it's all good. Except for your ego, I do hope you're ok. Hah ah ahha. I do miss the diagram though.

  4. I think it's the horse's job to stay under the human who provides the feed. Anything else is just crazy. and the ground is really hard. especially if there be rocks. markade

  5. LOL!! "replied as a guppy would, complete with fluttering hand signals."
    What a great description! I'm sure Ranger got the gist of the lecture...

    You may want to experiment with low light photography. Just a suggestion. :)

  6. Lord, I apologize.

    But that was funny right there.

    (And now my mare is gonna knock me on my butt for saying that)


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