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Friday, October 28, 2011

Easily Amused

Probably 10 years ago, I was remodeling the bathroom to one of our "private" bedrooms that we don't rent to guests.  It's the one our kids usually stay in when they spend the night here at the lodge.  They call it the "slave's quarters".  Go figure.

I plumbed the water heaters so either can be replaced and keep hot water going to the lodge.
Ignore the rat and snake

Anyfixtures, I noticed all of the extra pipes and such that were orphaned in the bathroom, and built on the theme.

Hand towel ring.

Towel bar on door

Shower curtain rod

Shower valves

Even the toilet paper roll holder

So when we got snowed in, I looked at the leaky faucet in the sink and it went from this...
 To this...

To this.

I crack me up.



  1. impressive, you got mad skilzssss!!!!

  2. You've gone crazy! lol, is this what happens when it snows? You sure get creative :)

  3. Wow, Bill, you are the da Vinci of plumbing!

  4. Very Steampunk. I like it, and I may be stealing the shower curtain rod idea.

  5. Wasn't this time of year you were plumbing also? LOL. Love the snake.

  6. I remember that dang snake. Yeppers.

    Beel, you have too much time on your hands in the off season ;)

  7. Did you get a new welder thingy or something? That is a terrific way to "repurpose", I think that's what they're calling that type of thing now. I think it used to be, "I don't have any money so I guess this will do" type of a thing. he he. Now it's "hip".

    I love the creativity!

  8. You crack me up.

    And just so you know, I didn't ignore the snake and rat. I kind of sort of hyperventilated until I scrolled down and realized they weren't the topic...

  9. Spent the weekend at the cabin...I think that is beautiful art...


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